Etiquette and Protocol Training                                                      for You, Your Staff and Your Children

with Daryl Twerdahl, an Instructor Certified by the Washington School of Protocol

The Los Angeles School of Etiquette and Protocol was founded in 1998 by Daryl Trainor Twerdahl to teach contemporary manners to business and professional people and their families.

Success is not just determined by how smart, talented or aggressive you are, but by how you conduct yourself around others.  Being a good "people person" is not just being sensitive to others or having a good sense of humor, but also in knowing the appropriate things to say and do.  People are often not noticed for their good manners, but they almost always are noticed for their bad manners.

The Los Angeles School of Etiquette and Protocol trains people in what to do in amost any social or business setting.  Do you know the proper way to introduce two people to one another?  The correct fork or wine glass to use at dinner?  Or, the proper way to write or respond to a formal invitation? 

Training at the Los Angeles School of Protocol and Etiquette is fun, informal, entertaining and highly interactive.  You'll enjoy the experience while you gain knowledge to help you in everyday life.  While Amy Vanderbilt and Emily Post were great in their day for teaching manners, you won't find our classes stuffy or old fashioned.  We teach what you need to know today.

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Visit the Hammer Museum April 7-10 to see Daryl Twerdahl in a performance art exhibit entitled

the "Greeting Committee".   The exhibition focuses on the protocols and customs of basic hospitality

routines, such as greetings, salutations and welcoming as well as mindful interaction.


See Daryl Twerdahl on NBC's Today Show with Matt Lauer


Daryl Trainor Twerdahl, Certified Instructor in Etiquette and Protocol

Please call: 323-939-2154